2-day Master Class in Facilitation
October 14-15th 2017
Do you want to improve your facilitation skills? 
If you're a leader, an emergent leader, a scrum master, a product manager, a UX designer, a strategist, a marketer...if you work with people and try to bring them together to make choices, you'll find benefit from your time spent in this master class!
Apply to join this 2-day Master Class with Daniel Stillman and Mathias Jakobsen...
Why should you join?
We see a world where problems are increasingly complex and interconnected. It's no longer enough to be smart or creative or have a clear vision. It's not enough to divide the tasks or meter out the individual performance goals. 

You need to get everyone to work together and truly collaborate. You need to get everyone to learn and to teach constantly. You need to get the people who feel the least creative to bring their creative gift too. 

In this course we will work together. You, us and all the other participants. We will fuel your creativity, build your confidence, grow your collaboration skills and help you see opportunity. 

All through the lens of the most powerful skill we know: facilitation.

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— to be fully present during the two days

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